Apartments Rafailovici: Luxury, 4* 52 sq m with a swimming pool on a rooftop of the building, Montenegro

Dear Visitor, we offer you to rent apartments in Rafailovici, Montenegro, 250m away from a beautiful sandy beach. Apartment Teodora is a 4* modern Luxury one-bedroom apartment in a apart-building in Rafailovici. It is equipped with the latest technology. Swimming pool and mini cafe-bar on a rooftop of the building! We invite You to spend your holiday in Rafailovici. It is a great place, with sandy beaches, where you can easily find a spot right near the water.


We are the owners of the apartments in Montenegro (towns: Rafailovici, Budva, and Igalo). We rent them out on daily terms as well as for a longer-term period. This is our family business.

We sign an official agreement, help with accommodating, registration, transport, and car rental. Also, we offer better rates than renting apartments in Rafailovici through tour operators. We will make all the efforts to make your holiday safe and comfortable!

Now, with a pride, we can announce that Lux Apartment Teodora Rafailovici 4* is unique and unrivalled by the best equipment with modern technology. You will not find the same modern equipment in other apartments in Rafailovici, like ours. 100% guaranteed.

You can see a detailed description, equipment and photos on the page “Photos and description of the apartment”.

Kindly Yours,
Dragana and Ivan Sekulic, Montenegro.

Our apartments in Rafailovici on
years of experience in renting apartments
accurate information about apartment
guests satisfaction
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  • Here you can rent apartments in Rafailovici (Montenegro) without intermediaries
  • Fully equipped kitchen with all necessary kitchen utensils
  • Montenegro - Rafailovici rent apartments in the apart-hotel, from 35 euros
  • Apartments with the best equipment and modern technology in Rafailovici
  • Decorative elements in the kitchen
  • Beautifully designed dining area
  • Luxury apartments in Montenegro - Rafailovici, 250 m from the sea
  • Apartment Teodora - living room
  • Sitting area with a smart TV
  • Sleeping place in the living room - sofa
  • The hole in our apartments
  • We offer inexpensive accommodation for rent in Rafailovici and Montenegro
  • Lux Apartment Teodora rafailovici - bathroom with a shower
  • Decorative element in the bathroom
  • The toilet in our accommodation in Rafailovici
  • Luxury shower set
  • Longterm apartments rental in Rafailovici
  • Lux Apartments Teodora Rafailovici - large terrace with furniture
  • Book accommodation near the sea, in the city of Rafailovici, Montenegro
  • Rooftop facilities of the apart-hotel in Rafailovici
  • Cheap apartments for rent in Rafailovici, with a swimming pool
  • Other facilities on the rooftop of the apart-hotel
  • Mini cafe-bar for guests of apartments Teodora, in Rafailovici
  • Sea view from the rooftop of the building

Rent apartments in Rafailovici (Montenegro) via a tour operator or Ivan & Dragana Sekulic?

What are we doing?

Purchase of flats, apartments, and rental of those properties – is our family business. But we also don’t do just this. We also help guests with airport transfers and affordable car rental in Rafailovici. In either case, it is better to travel in Montenegro by car. This is cheaper and more interesting than an excursion.

We offer you top quality apartment at affordable prices. Our rental rates are quite favorable when compared to the quality of apartment you get from us.

Importantly, in renting an apartment with us, you do not only get accommodation, but you also receive a full range of excellent services all through your stay in Montenegro. We also keep you informed about Rafailovici and the entire country at large.

We are always available to answer all your questions about holidays in Montenegro and the rental of apartments in Rafailovici.

What will you get from us?

  • The organisation of transfer from the airports Tivat, Podgorica, and Dubrovnik by car (Mazda CX-5);
  • Official registration for you (white card), in 10 minutes after your arrival;
  • We will tell you everything about vacation in Rafailovici, Montenegro and its places of interest;
  • We will give full information: about the best beaches, shops, markets, cafes and restaurants;
  • Constant contact with us during your stay. We will answer your questions, and help with everything so that nothing would disturb your holiday.

Apartment Teodora 4*, in a word!

We purchased this apartment in Rafailovici in 2018 when the building was not yet fully built. We are the owners, and so rental rates will be cheaper up to 40% compared to renting similar apartments via a tour operating company.

We put a lot of love and effort into arranging every part of our apartment. We did our best to make every detail in the apartment decorative and also purposeful. So, each element in the apartment combines functionality and sophisticated design.

As a result, in a short time, our apartment became one of the most popular in Rafailovici, Becici and wide.

Unfortunately, we must inform you that using the swimming pool on the roof of the building is not free; it comes with a fee. A fee that is expected to be paid by every guest as well as the owners of the apartment. This is not our rule, but a rule stipulated by the investor of this building.

5 strong reasons to rent accommodation in Rafailovici

  • 1. Rafailovici – is a resort, which is located near Becici, 3km away from the city of Budva and 25km from Tivat. There is public transport between the cities. Even if you are reluctant to rent a car, you can still visit 4 famous cities in Montenegro. The location, we hope you can agree, is very good!
  • 2. To emphasize, one of the best beaches in Montenegro is here! It is included in the zone of Budva Riviera. The beach of Rafailovici – is 2km of golden sand along the Adriatic Sea. The seashore forms the bay, where there are very little waves and underwater currents. The water is warmer than in the sea, which encourages beach holidays.
  • 3. There will be a lot of fun for the fishermen, surely! 15 years ago, there was no resort city of Rafailovici. In the first place, it was a fishing village with a dozen houses. At the present time, it is a town with 3,000 people, who make a living out of tourism.
  • 4. New hotels, houses, and cosy streets. Our building with apartments was fully built in April 2019! You will get into a comfortable and peaceful paradise on a seaside shore. And if you get bored, then the old cities of Montenegro – Budva and Kotor – are waiting for you, 20 minutes driving. Renting accommodation in Rafailovici is very convenient.
  • You will have the best guide and experts on Montenegro. This is us – Dragana and Ivan Sekulic. As it is said: “If you don’t praise yourself, nobody will.”

Why is it better to rent apartments in Rafailovici in advance and WITHOUT third parties?

This is safer. We, same as in all popular resorts worldwide, have many third parties. They look for tourists for accommodating them in rooms and houses, where they cannot register. Prices, however, are over-set from 15% to 50%!

To clarify, you need a compulsory registration in Montenegro. If you are stopped by the police, they can find out that you do not have a “white card”. In this case, the fine can be from 200 to 300 euros. Not to mention, that you will lose time, to find a property with a possibility of registration.

Save 300 euros – register when renting accommodation in Rafailovici

In fact, property rental in Rafailovici and Montenegro – is not easy.

In order for you to rest in Montenegro for more than 1 day – you need a compulsory registration.
You can get it from the people who officially rent property.

Having a visa in Montenegro does not mean you do not need a compulsory registration. A “White Card” is still necessary when crossing the land border as well as in the airport. In either case, without this card, your holiday will be at risk.

You can find a flat or a house in Rafailovici from physical personalities. However, it will be difficult to register because most of the properties are not registered for renting business.
Our apartment is registered for rental. You will get a “white card” on your first day without any cost of nerves. This is yet another reason to come to us!

Lux Apartment Teodora Rafailovici – reviews of the tourists

You like our apartment, but you would like to see the opinions of our guests? No problem.
Please read the reviews of apartment rentals in Rafailovici. Here you will find detailed information about the quality of our service by reading the opinions of people who rented our apartment in the city of Rafailovici.
Relevant information is included about living conditions, transport, beaches, prices and attractions.
Also, you can share your impressions by writing your own review.

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