Car rental in Rafailovici, Montenegro. Online booking

Planning a trip to Montenegro but do not know how to move around the country? Our online service will help you rent a car cheaply in Rafailovici. With our website, you can rent a car in Rafailovici (Montenegro) from 9 euros per day. This way you will save up to 45% of the rental price upon arrival in the country. More than 800 different cars for traveling through Montenegrin cities are presented on this booking system.

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Convenient online car rental in Rafailovici

We want to provide a full service to our guests and all the other tourists in Montenegro. For that reason, besides rental accommodation in Rafailovici, we are offering you cheap car rental as well.

On this page, you can find offers from private companies in Rafailovici and nearby cities. What do you get? You can choose a specific car.

Big worldwide companies constantly promote car rental via airports and tourist agencies. Such services are expensive and the cars are usually worn out. In order to get a good car, you need to book it in advance. Do you want to rent a car in Rafailovici for low cost and without any deposits? Then use our convenient advanced search. Here you can find a car without a deposit in a matter of minutes.

Respectfully, Ivan Sekulic, Montenegro

Book a car in Rafailovici right now

So… You have decided to spend your vacation in Montenegro. As mentioned before, it is better to book the car in advance and online, which allows you to save a lot and pick up a car that suits your needs.
With our car booking system, in just a few minutes you will get real results.
Everything is very simple, clear and accessible.

Instructions — How to book a car in Rafailovici and Montenegro through our website

Choose a city in the search field (this is important if you do not want to pay for delivery from another city) then indicate the rental dates and the gearbox type. You can choose specific types of cars: convertibles or minivans.

Advice: If you want to have 100% confidence in the quality of the vehicle tick ‘rated’. This menu describes cars to the smallest detail. Our employees personally inspect the car, take photos, test-drive and rate it. This is a risk-free process.

Our system has an advanced search in which you can mark important aspects of choosing a car to rent.
Choose the car you like from the list. In the field of the selected car, you can see all the necessary information, starting with the cost and ending with the technical characteristics. You can choose the insurance type, purchase a green card, etc.

In the lower part of the screen, you can see the full characteristics of the car and select additional services. We offer a wide range of equipment, such as a child seat or a GPS navigator. At the end, you can see the price summed up, which is calculated from the rental price, car delivery and additional services. Click BOOK.

Fill out the delivery/return time and place.
Finally, you need to fill out your personal information and proceed to payment. During a booking you will pay just a small fraction of the whole price; the rest + the deposit will be paid when receiving the car.

After advanced payment, you will get an e-mail with your reservation and voucher.
IMPORTANT: Using our online booking form, you must confirm the terms of use, which indicate the important points of renting a vehicle.

Thousands of tourists trust us.

Our online booking system offers cars from local companies, which makes renting with us cheaper compared to international companies.

  • Large selection of cars. We made a list of cars for rent in Montenegro.
  • Low prices. We offer an actual market price without hidden fees and commissions.
  • User-friendly service. When booking a car, you rent not just a specific brand but an optional set of tools and equipment that you need to travel.
  • Speed. The booking confirmation is sent out immediately.
  • Individual approach. If you need a car with a driver in Rafailovici, we need to inform you that this service is not available via us.

Which cars can be rented?

A car for traveling should fully meet the driver’s requirements, be appealing and comfortable in use. If instead of a red convertible you get a half-destroyed minivan, you would be at least disappointed, and the vacation itself would be on the verge of collapse. We have had many rental situations, but the clients always rated us well. This is due to the fact that, when booking a vehicle through our online service, you choose not only the brand of car, its color and technical characteristics, but we also furnish the car with all the necessary additions.
So many people, so many tastes, that’s why we have made a huge database of different cars from cheap options for budget vacations to sports cars and SUVs for the most sophisticated clients. You will find the following cars in the database:

Often it happens that a journey takes place under strict budget constraints, so you have to save on almost everything. For such clients, we offer cheap and compact cars like the Hyundai Getz or Toyota Yaris. Low rental price doesn’t mean that it’s a dirty old car, no. These cars are contemporary vehicles with low gas consumption and are ideal for small companies and families of 2–4 people. With these cars, comfortable and cheap vacations in Montenegro are guaranteed.
If you have additional finances and enjoy big and spacious cars that can fit big companies, then renting a Hyundai Accent or Ford Focus is ideal for you. This category of vehicles is distinguished by a spacious and roomy interior and a large luggage compartment as well as advanced optional features. The cost of renting a middle-class car will be slightly more than the previous ones, but with the benefit of dimensions and increased comfort, the costs will be more than worth it.
When working to a budget is not your method. When nothing is better than the sea breeze and the wind in your face. If you enjoy luxury and premium driving comfort, then especially for you we have collected the best cars in this category. Convertibles are extremely popular among travelers who prefer full contact with the environment and like to emphasize their status with an expensive car. Here you can rent cars of famous brands such as Opel, Mercedes, Audi, Peugeot and more. The initial cost of such cars starts from 25 euros, depending on the season.
A car of this class is suitable for large companies and families that would like not only to go to the seaside but also see the Montenegrin Mountains and rough terrain. The large capacity of the luggage compartment, high ground clearance in SUVs, safety and comfort—all of this distinguishes this type of car from the rest. In addition, the cost of renting a minivan or SUV is cheaper than luxury models, and by organizing a group trip, you can save significantly on travel.

Car rental in Montenegro. Important moments for the tourist

There are many rental companies, both international and local, in Montenegro, but you will have to provide various documents. Information about the documents required for renting a vehicle differs from one website to another, which can confuse an inexperienced tourist. We went through all of them to provide up-to-date and verified information.

What documents do you need to rent a car in Rafailovici?

  • Voucher. After booking a car you will receive a special voucher, which proves that you will be renting a vehicle. You can either print it out or show it on your phone’s screen.
  • Passport. You will need it to enter the country, so you will have it while renting a car in Rafailovici.
  • Valid driving license. This document is proof that you know how to drive a vehicle and know the rules of the road, so a driving license from any country is MANDATORY for renting a car.

You don’t need an international driving license to rent a car in Rafailovici.

  • The driver must be at least 22 years old.
  • The driver must have over 2 years’ driving experience. If you just got behind the wheel, even if you have a whole list of documents and an irresistible desire, you will not get a car, unfortunately.
  • The rest of the payment you must pay in cash.


The insurance part of renting a car is usually the scariest moment for most drivers and tourists. When renting a car in a foreign country, everyone wants to get a guarantee that they are protected from road accidents. But if that should happen, no one wants to give their last pennies to the lessor. In Montenegro, you can apply for several types of insurance, which we will discuss in more detail below:

  • OSAGO. This insurance is an optimal deal because if a traffic accident happens and you are not responsible for causing it, you will not pay anything at all; but you need a police report to legally confirm these points.
  • CASCO. This insurance has a franchise, which is indicated as a “deposit”. For various cars the amount of the deposit will be different, from 100 euros for a cheap car to 200, 300 or 400 euros for expensive brands. If an accident happens and you did not cause it, you will have to pay up to the amount of the franchise, and the rest is covered by insurance. A significant advantage of CASCO is the fact that if you get into a serious accident, you are guaranteed to be protected.
  • SUPER CASCO. This insurance protects against any accidents, regardless of whether you are guilty or not.

Advice. Please note that neither OSAGO nor CASCO covers damage to wheels, headlights and glass, the undercarriage or minor scratches on the body (this is an international practice operating not only in Montenegro), but it is applicable in 99% of cases. Only SUPER KASKO covers all of them. So if you want to be fully insured choose SUPER KASKO, which will cost you 4–6 euros per day.

Need to rent a car from the airport in Tivat or Podgorica?

  • 1. When you book a car, you will receive a special voucher with one or two cell phone numbers.
  • 2. The rented car will be delivered to the parking lot. It’s not big, so you will have no problems finding the car. In addition, a manager with a nametag will be waiting for you at the site.
  • 3. If you can’t find the meeting spot, just call the company and finalize all the documents. If your flight is delayed, just notify the rental company manager. They will wait for your arrival.

Advice: Before you get into the car and drive away, take a photo or video of all existing defects, cracks and scratches. This will help you avoid any misunderstandings when returning the car.

Useful information about car rental in Rafailovici

Why is car rental in Montenegro so popular?

Why is car rental in Montenegro so popular?
Montenegro is a beautiful country with a lot of attractions. There are many travel companies that provide tours of the cities, but the cost of guide services sometimes reaches fabulous numbers. It is important to note that renting a car in Montenegro, even with the calculation for three people, will cost you less than a walking tour group. In addition, by car you do not limit yourself to standard routes and time frames; such conditions provide a lot of inconvenience for experienced tourists.

To put the final “daw” on car rental, we can mention a large number of places in Montenegro that are best viewed from car routes. If you are afraid of road conditions, the roads in Montenegro, although not of premium quality, are quite acceptable for a fast and comfortable ride. Easy and understandable traffic rules, affordable gasoline prices and the opportunity to see the whole country in one summer trip.

What can you visit in Rafailovici by car?

If you decide to rent a car in Rafailovici, then you are 100% waiting for a fascinating and unforgettable trip that will be hard to forget. Rafailovici is a small resort village located at the end of Becici Beach. The village itself is not rich in sights, but it offers tourists a large selection of natural resources, including beaches, woodlands and other beautiful landscapes. Renting a car in Rafailovici gives you the opportunity to visit the following places:

  • Budva. This city in Montenegro is located 10 kilometers from Rafailovici.
    With a rental car, you can go here to visit the water park, ride on a roller coaster, try your luck at gambling or rent a luxury yacht, where you can rush along the beautiful shores with the breeze. Also in Budva you can go to the center of bungee jumping and visit restaurants to enjoy national cuisine.
  • Pirate Bay and Botanical Gardens. Moving further beyond Budva, you can visit the equally interesting cities of Tivat and Kotor. In addition, in these areas is located the bay of Risan, which is located in the oldest city of pirates, Perast, as well as the famous Montenegrin ship repair yard in the city of Bijela. You can finish this part of the trip in the center of health tourism, Herceg-Novi, where there are a botanical garden, mud beaches and many other attractions.
  • Fishing and parks. While shopping in Bar don’t forget to visit Skadar Lake. Here you can go fishing and watch the beauty of flora and fauna. If you like walking in beautiful parks then you should see Lovćen National Park or the mountain monastery of Ostrog.

In conclusion, renting a car in Rafailovici opens up great opportunities for tourism in Montenegro. In a few days you can see many more places, go where the standard excursion routes do not pass, and stay in a hotel that you like for the price and service regardless of its location.

Popular questions

Which car should I rent in Rafailovici?

Montenegrin roads are not bad, but there are narrow parts that are hard to pass with a big vehicle. In addition, in some areas you will have to pass backwards to skip oncoming cars. With this in mind, it is better to choose a small car but with a powerful engine.

Can I go abroad in a rented car, for example to Croatia or Albania?

Yes. To do this, the car must be accompanied by a green card with valid dates and signatures. To travel to the territory of Croatia a visa is required. For Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the rules are constantly changing (a visa is needed in winter but not in summer), so check with the managers of the rental company.

What should I do if the car gets into an accident?

In such a situation, call the number on the voucher. As a rule, the company solves such questions quickly, since they have connections at different levels.

Where and how best to refuel?

The gas situation in Montenegro is pitiable. This is because the gas is low quality, so it is better to check with the rental car distributor the location of good gas stations, as some cars are sensitive to poor-quality gasoline.